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    the power to do whatever you need to do.

    Today, in Australia, over 60,000 Isuzu diesel engines will go to work, moving goods, carving out earth and rock, pumping water, pulling ploughs as well as propelling work boats in the gulf and providing on-board power for commercial charter vessels.

    Isuzu diesels power many of the worlds leading diesel powered equipment and of course the market leading Isuzu trucks. In fact, Isuzu is the largest producer of industrial and commercial diesel engines worldwide.

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  • Industrial Diesel Engines

    A range that goes on and on

    Isuzu's industrial engine range for Australia spans 50 models, starting with a C Series two-cylinder engine developing 10 kW up to the impressive six-cylinder common rail 16.0 litre 6WG1 that develops 397 kW. The engines are available in fixed and variable speed configurations and include a variety of PTO and SAE combinations to satisfy your requirements.

    Rest assured, there's an Isuzu diesel for any job.

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  • Isuzu Marine

    Diesel Engines

    Japan's number one marine engine supplier for its range has finally arrived in the Australian market.

    Find out why Isuzu is the best choice for fuel efficiency, power, reliability and quieter running.

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